Our Adult Bible Study Fellowship (ABSF) classes meet
Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. 

There are currently three classes:  

  • The “Koinonia Class” is facilitated by Bruce Embrey.  Typically, the class will choose a book of the Bible and go through it chapter-by-chapter with a significant amount of open discussion. 

  • The “Future and Hope Class” is facilitated by James Becker.  Their class may include a video series or book to go with the teaching and discussion.  

  • The “Jars of Clay Class” is facilitated by Anna Schell and they use denominational material in their study and discussion.

Each class has people of all ages.  Occasionally, people may change classes for a particular topic that is of interest to them.  All classes are friendly and informal and encourage discussion and dialogue.

We also have an Adult Discipleship Discussion on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm                                                                                                                    
Our Wednesday night discussion is usually led by Pastor Bob.  We normally study a Christian book. Recently, for example, we did a follow-up discussion to the movie, The Shack. These classes are a great place to come with questions about life and what it means to follow Jesus. Anyone is welcome and we meet in the office wing of the church. 


Bruce Embry Adult Discipleship Director

Bruce Embry
Adult Discipleship Director