We are Discoverers

We are a friendly group that doesn’t claim to have all the answers, and are not afraid of any question.  If you struggle with religion or the Bible, we hope you will be very comfortable with us.  We believe God has called us to co-create within the love of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Because God is love, and loves us without condition, we are free to explore, question and be okay with different ideas and opinions.  You are invited to come follow Jesus with us, at your own pace, in a safe environment, where you are allowed and encouraged to let God show you His delight in making you, uniquely you!

 We are Connected

Being a follower of Jesus is being involved in His new humanity; called the church.  Jesus walked this earth with a band of followers.  The Christian life, though a personal decision, is a journey as family; brothers and sisters walking in unity and love for one another.  Unity doesn’t mean we agree on everything.  It does, however, mean we walk in humility, trust and respect of one another.  On the following pages, you'll see several ways for you to connect with other followers and seekers in our fellowship.