We believe men hold one of the keys to the spiritual vitality of a church family.  When men are hungry for the things of God, it usually spills into lives of women and children. The purpose of Men's Ministries is three-fold.
-To encourage and challenge one another to always be growing as men of faith.
-To care for the widows and single women of our church in practical and helpful ways.
-To build deep and lasting relationships with each other through various activities, events and outings.

DINNER AND POOL AT CROSS-EYED CRICKET, Thursday, Aug. 17, 6:00-8:00 pm. 
This will be a great time to get better acquainted and have a little fun together.  If you do not enjoy pool, come for dinner and enjoy the fellowship.  Feel free to invite your friends to come and join us for a men's night out!

WORK DAY FOR WIDOWS AND SINGLE WOMEN: Saturday, Sept. 16th, 8:00-Noon. This will be a opportunity for us to serve the needs of the women of our church.  We will address projects of their concerns and help them feel loved and cared for by our family.  You will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful time of service and fellowship.

KANSAS CITY TRIP; RIVER MARKET & WWI MUSEUM, Saturday, Oct. 21, TBA We will meet at the church and carpool to the River Market in KC. We will grab a quick lunch and go visit the WWI Museum south of Union Station.  This is another great opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy the fellowship of the men of our church family.  Also, invite your friends and co-workers to join us.

MOVIE NIGHT AT AMC WARRENSBURG, Friday, Nov. 17, 6:45 at Theatre!
Details coming soon!


Zachery Rogers Men's Ministries Director

Zachery Rogers
Men's Ministries Director